Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kids Storage Solutions for Modern Homes

Here are a few kid's storage ideas to help you organize and modernize your home... with a house full of children! These products were featured on the Today Show during a segment about coping with clutter - the biggest "no-no" when it comes to upholding the look of a modern home!
What: Boon Otto Animal Bag - Practical solution for storing your child's stuffed animals... plus, it doubles as a soft seat!
Store: All Modern Baby
Price: $100
What: Wall Hooks - Perfect in your child's bedroom to hang hats, coats, sweaters, scarves, necklaces, and more! (Tip: Make sure they're hung for your child's height)
Store: The Company Store
Price: $19 for 3 hooks

What: Fabric Pinboards & Slipcovers - Keep your sleek refrigerator clutter-free! These pinboards are perfect for displaying your child's artwork and school papers.
Store: Pottery Barn Kids
Price: Fabric Pinboard $29, Slip Covers $16-$20What: Habo Walker Wagon - An adorable wooden toddler-size push cart that has extra cargo space to hold your child's small, easy-to-lose toys.
Store: Mini Jake
Price: $135

What: Bongo Buddies - Ideal for your child's bedroom or playroom, these folding hampers and toy storage bags are creatively shaped as colorful animals. Bongo Buddies will make the chore of putting things way exciting and fun for your kids!
Store: Clutter Free Kids
Price: $27.99

Click on the link below to view the Today Show video segment to discover more storage products featured on the Today Show!

If you have modern or unique kid's storage ideas, please post a comment and share them with our readers!

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Anonymous said...

Earlier today I saw some cool storage boxes with great graphics from West Elm. The are nesting boxes and meant for adults I think, but would be great for kids. Check them out here: