Friday, June 12, 2009

What Does Boston Mean To You?

Last night I attended a fabulous Christofle event celebrating the opening of their store on Boylston Street. Positioned across from Boston Common and in between the eye-catching turquoise canopies that provide entry for some of the most luxurious boutiques Boston has to offer, Christofle is certainly one store you don't want to miss. Upon entering, I was met with a stunning collection of sterling silver jewelry, flatware, serving platters, and an assortment of decadent home accessories that would add Parisian elegance to any space. The event was complete with a number of charismatic guests and a brilliantly designed champagne cooler at the center of it all.

One of the guests I spoke with plans to launch a magazine that hones in on Boston's high-end fashion for women to remind out-of-towners that the city is known for more than our sports teams and historic streets. Between the loyal Red Sox fans and our distinguished Freedom Trail tours, high-end fashion appears to be an afterthought which is why I'm dedicating this post to highlighting some of the luxurious places I've come across while living here. Maintaining it's historic charm, Boston has managed to produce a number of wonderful boutiques along the sidewalks of Beacon Hill, Newbury Street, and the North End, among others, for all visitors to enjoy!

6-Light Candelabra
Christofle Mondo
Léo Léa Baby Cup
Desk Clock
Coffee Pot


Debbie said...

Nice description!

Down Comforter said...

All very beautiful things. Especially the jewelry :-)

modern-furniture-guy said...

Great depiction. I really enjoyed. Thanks for posting :-)

Furniture removalists said...

Dazzling items, I love the silvery color. Very shiny!

Christchurch Jobs said...

Lots of great stuff huh? Well it’s absolutely worth attending celebration.

Spork in the Road said...

I won't fib, I'm not a regular reader of your blog yet, but from the looks of things I soon will be. I AM also a lover of all things modern, a characteristic that I'm sure is not at all influenced by the fact I work in a creative field (sarcasm, my favorite flavor).

In any case, I thought I'd let you know that I've been honored with the chance to give away a funky modern piece via my own blog. The link is below in case any of your readers are interested.

And if posting this isn't kosher, just remove it with my apologies.